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Marco Polo For Pets

  • The only long-range monitoring, tracking and recovery system for dogs and cats that works everywhere you go. No GPS, cellular service or internet connection is required.
  • You will never have a monthly fee with Marco Polo – ever!
  • The only solution rugged enough to track your pets, and even livestock!
  • The only tracking system with up to 6 weeks battery life.

Top Features

  • Works anywhere you need it to.
  • No GPS, cellular service or internet connection required.
  • Light weight tags – .8oz (22g).
  • Rugged, waterproof tags.
  • Range up to 2 miles
  • Programmable “Safe Zone” monitors your pet 24/7 and notifies you if they wander.
  • Long battery life, up to 45 days†.
  • Simple to use – press one button to track your pet.

Maximum battery life depends on your specific use patterns and will vary between applications.


How It Works

  • Place the addressable Marco Polo pet monitoring tag on your pet’s collar
  • Set up the locator to monitor your pet's "safe zone"
  • If your pet goes missing, turn on “tracking” mode to search for the tag
  • Follow the directional arrow and signal strength indication on the locator

Yes, the Marco Polo pet monitoring system really is that simple!


Great Value

  • NO monthly cellular fees or batteries to replace – ever
  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any system on the market
  • Purchase additional accessory tracking tags  to protect up to 3 pets
  • System will support a mix and match of 3 tags for pet, drone or other application

And now, for a limited time you can save up to $90 on multi-pet advanced systems.

You Never Know When You Will Need Marco Polo 

Pets Go Missing When You Least Expect It

You don't get to choose when, where and under what conditions your pet goes missing. Often times it happens in situations that are stressful and dangerous for them. How would you know if your pet suddenly goes missing? If they do, are you prepared to do something about it? It's every pet owner's worst nightmare. Fortunately, Marco Polo has the solution. 

With Marco Polo you'll have peace of mind knowing you will be notified if your pet wanders away. A single push of a button on the Marco Polo handheld locator enables you to track and recover your furry friend – quickly and easily.  Even in conditions when cell coverage or GPS become unreliable or not even available.

Pet Owners Give Marco Polo Rave Reviews


Trooper’s T-Storm Adventure

Trooper is wild as a bug — he is outdoors every chance he gets, chasing squirrels up trees and napping in the sunshine. This past August, he didn’t come home for dinner and went missing for nearly two and a half weeks. We decided we will never let this happen again! We did quite a bit of market research to find the best device for us. That’s where the Marco Polo comes in: one recent late afternoon, the sky was darkening with an oncoming storm just as the Marco Polo alarm sounded. Within less than 10 minutes, I tracked Trooper through the woods separating our neighbor’s houses (about a quarter mile away) — he was huddled underneath a shed. The peace of mind the Marco Polo offers is priceless — it is exactly the easy-to-use and reliable device for which I was looking to help keep our buddy safe. … Continue Reading

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You Have Pet System Questions? We'll Help You Retrieve The Answers

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

The product is named after the swimming pool game where the player that is “it” closes their eyes and yells “Marco”, all of the other players are obligated to yell “Polo” in response. The player that is “it” follows the sound to tag another player who then becomes “it”. Imagine that you could call your dog’s name really loud, so loud in fact that your pet could hear you calling up to 2-miles away and would then respond with an equally loud “woof-woof”. You could then follow the direction of the sound and know when you are getting close as the return bark got louder and louder. This is exactly what Marco Polo does, only using radio signals instead of sound.
Marco Polo works up to 2 miles (3.2 km) in line-of-sight situations. Expect approximately 1/2 mile to 1 mile (.8 to 1.6 km) in mildly rolling terrain with moderate vegetation. Your individual performance will depend on the specific conditions in the area of use, such as terrain, vegetation, and obstructions. If your pet is beyond Marco Polo’s initial range, you can expand the range by walking or driving around the areal until you come within range. You can also check out this blog post for some customer examples and videos which should provide some additional guidance for determining Marco Polo's range in your particular conditions.
The longest battery life on the pet’s collar tag is provided in the monitor mode. In this mode the tag’s battery will run up to 6 weeks and the locator will warn you to charge it after 4-5 weeks. If you are continuously tracking your pet (usually only done when they are lost) the tag and locator will run for up to 3 days on a charge. If the locator is not tracking or monitoring the pet’s tag, or if the pet is out of range of the system, then the collar tag can run for up to 15 days on a charge. This explanation may seem counterintuitive, but it is indeed the way the system works. For example, if you are monitoring your pet(s) to make certain they stay within the specified safety zone and it has been 3 weeks since you last charged the battery, then the battery is half discharged. If the pet then escapes, the collar tag will run for an additional week on the remaining charge.
There are two available accessories that can be used to extend the locator’s boundary warnings:
  • The first is an External Alarm Unit. This small, battery powered unit plugs into the locator and generates a very loud alarm siren that will wake you up or can be heard throughout the house or even in the nearby garage or yard.
  • Secondly, there is an available Phone Dialer accessory that can, though a land line connection, call up to 4 phone numbers and deliver a voice message that you record if any monitored pet wanders. These 4 numbers can include cell phones, office phones, neighbors, etc. 
Good news, it is! The Marco Polo Advanced Pet tracking tag meets the IP67 enclosure specification. This means it can be continuously submerged under 3 ft. of water up to 30 minutes. If your pet is swimming, the tag will generally be only a few inches of water and can withstand all day use at the beach or lake.
The Marco Polo tag only weights 0.8 oz., so it is light enough for most any pet to carry. It does require a minimum collar length of about 7 inches, if you have a very small cat or dog then measuring the length of their collar is your best guide. The cloth holder that we supply attaches to the collar or harness that you pet already wears, from 3/8” wide up to 2 ½” wide – there is no upper size limit to the animals that can wear Marco Polo! If you have a cat that currently doesn’t wear a collar then it is best to get them used to a collar first and then add the tracking tag.
In track mode, the handheld locator communicates with the tag every 5 seconds and updates the displayed signal strength and direction on the locator’s display, allowing you to home-in on the exact location of your pet. In monitor mode, the locator is kept in a convenient location, such as your kitchen counter, plugged into its charger, and it “pings” the tag on each of your pets once every 40 seconds. In this mode the locator will warn you if any pet it outside of its programed “safe zone” so you can enter track mode and recover the pet. In monitor mode, the locator will also warn you if the battery is low on any of the pets so you don’t need to worry about them. In fact, if the alarm is not going off on the locator you know for certain that all of your pets are accounted for, all the batteries are charged and everything is working as it should. (Compare this to other systems where everything has to go right for you to know something is wrong!)
The Marco Polo tag slips into a ballistic-nylon cloth holder that attaches to your pet’s collar or harness with 4 Velcro straps. The Velcro used is a military grade material that holds with 100 lbs. strength per strap, yet has a soft nylon backing that is comfortable for your pet. When mounted in the collar holder, the tag electronics are well protected and look new, even after years of rough use. When needed, the cloth holder can be economically replaced (see the Accessories page) and can also be machine washed.
When in Track mode, the handheld Marco Polo locator sends a signal to the tag on your pet’s collar once every 5 seconds. Each time the tag on the pet “hears” the signal from the locator, it responds with a return signal. The locator then measures the strength of the signal coming back from the pet and finds the direction it came from. Both pieces of information are then displayed on the locator’s screen. Then, you simply follow the arrow pointing to your pet and note the signal strength getting higher as you get closer. If you are not careful -you will step on your pet!
No. Marco Polo is a completely self-contained solution for drone tracking and recovery. And because Marco Polo does not rely on GPS, cellular WiFi technology, it can work anywhere.
The Marco Polo tracking system operates like a “personal radar”. First, the handheld locator transmits a signal to the tag transceiver in your drone. Then, the transceiver sends a signal back that allows the locator to determine the bearing from your position to the lost drone. Finally, the locator processes the bearing and the received signal strength level once every 5 seconds and puts the results on the LCD display. The bearing indication becomes more and more sensitive as you approach your drone. And together with frequent updates, Marco Polo allows you to home in on your drone’s exact location, to within inches.

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