Trooper’s T-Storm Adventure

Trooper the Cat Wearing a Cat

Trooper’s T-Storm Adventure

Trooper, our eight year old tabby cat, is wild as a bug — he is outdoors every chance he gets, chasing squirrels up trees and napping in the sunshine. This past August, he didn’t come home for dinner and went missing for nearly two and a half weeks. After sending notices to all our neighbors and every vet hospital and shelter in the tri-county region to no avail, we feared the worst — until one evening my husband opened the door to go outside, and Trooper walked right in! He had lost half his body weight, and his nails were worn to a nub — we surmise he wandered into a neighbor’s shed for a nap and was locked inside all that time. Our vet didn’t have high hopes for our bony little guy’s recovery, but we dosed him up with love, antibiotics, fluids, and Revolution (hundreds of deer ticks fell off him immediately), and within less than two months, our old guy was back!

That’s where the Marco Polo comes in — we will never let this happen again! I did quite a bit of market research to find the best device for us. Although it took a while to get Trooper back up to the minimum 10 pounds for the Marco Polo device (he was normally 12 pounds), we patiently waited. Surprisingly, Trooper was waiting by the door to go outside within two weeks of his return! We’ve trained him to know that in order to go outside, his “Trooper Tracker” collar goes on first.

One recent late afternoon, the sky was darkening with an oncoming storm just as the Marco Polo alarm sounded. Within less than 10 minutes, I tracked Trooper down through the woods separating our neighbor’s houses (about a quarter mile away) — he was huddled underneath a shed. The peace of mind the Marco Polo offers is priceless — it is exactly the easy-to-use and reliable device for which I was looking to help keep our buddy safe.

Michele M. – Huntingtown, MD