Pet System Accessories

Accessories and Add-Ons for Your Pet Tracking System

Need another tag to add on to your Marco Polo pet system? No problem. Or perhaps you've lost your charging cable, or the dog ate the tag collar holder (that excuse always worked for homework at school, right?). Whatever accessory you need, you've come to the right place. Browse pet tracking tag add-ons right here.
Adding more tracking tags to your Marco Polo system is very cost effective. Whether you want to add another pet to your system or get a spare or replacement tracking tag, you can be assured each new tag will work with your existing hand-held locator, no matter when you purchased it. You can have a maximum of three pet tracking collar tags on each Marco Polo system. "Pairing" new or additional tags to your hand-held locator is very easy and takes less than a minute.
Be sure to also check out other pet tracking tag add-ons not included with the starter kits, such as the System Alarm Accessory and Phone Dialer. These devices can make your Marco Polo system even more versatile.

Buy Now & Save on Additional Pet Tracking Tags

  • Marco Polo Advance Pet Tracking Tag Accessory

    Advanced Pet Tracking Tag

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  • Marco Polo Advanced Tag collar holder.

    Advanced Pet Tag Collar Holder

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  • Marco Polo Phone Dialer Image

    Marco Polo Phone Dialer

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  • USB to Micro-USB charging cable.

    Charger Cable (USB to Micro-USB)

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  • Marco Polo system charger and USB to Micro USB cable. Works with Locator and Tags alike.

    System Charger and Cable

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