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The Marco Polo tracking system is unlike any other tracking system out there.

  • Completely self-contained, Marco Polo works everywhere you need it to: doesn't require cellular service, internet connectivity or GPS satellite visibility to operate.
  • Perfect for tracking and recovering lost pets, drones and just about anything else you value and need to keep close.
  • Waterproof and crush resistant tracking tags operate in the most extreme environments.
  • Fast to set up advanced tracking system, always ready and simple to use—when and where you need it most.

For Pets, Drones and More

Whatever your application, there is a Marco Polo system and tracking tag designed to meet your needs.

  • RC aircraft (drones planes, 'copters and rockets – large and small).
  • Pets (including small dogs and cats), livestock and more – pretty much anything you value and need to monitor, track and recover.
  • You can mix and match up to three tracking tags, all using the same Marco Polo system.
  • Pets or drones, all tracking tags work with the same hand-held locator, making the device an ideal drone, livestock, or wildlife tracking tool, as well as a cat or dog locator.

Long Battery Life

Limited battery life is a huge factor with other system – but not with Marco Polo. Will your tracking system be ready when you need it? A system that requires constant charging might not be. But the Marco Polo tracking system will.

  • Our batteries go up to 45 days without recharging.
  • Other solutions that use GPS are battery hogs and require frequent – often daily – charging.
  • Marco Polo is ready when you need it most, not waiting on a charger.

Maximum battery life depends on your specific use patterns and will vary between applications.

Find A Marco Polo System To Meet Your Needs 


Systems Configured For Pet Owners

Perfect for large dogs, small dogs, cats and even livestock and wildlife! Attach a Marco Polo tracking tag to your pet and have the peace of mind from knowing you will be notified if they wander you can track and recover them quickly when needed.

  • Monitor and track your pets anywhere, without cell service or monthly fees.
  • Collar tags are rugged, waterproof and have a battery life of up to 45 days.
  • Comes with ballistic nylon collar holder for attaching tracking tags to collars – can be attached to collars from 3/8" to 2" width (collar not included).
  • Small enough and light enough (only .8 oz), Marco Polo tracking tags will work on small dogs and even cats.
  • Pre-configured systems come with everything needed to protect your pet. Choose from one, two or three pet configurations.

Pet Owners and Drone Pilots Give Marco Polo Rave Reviews


Marco Polo Saves Pretty’s Life

Pretty had chased a deer and was missing for several days. I took the Marco Polo unit on my motorcycle and rode around the lake following the signal strength and direction arrow. When the signal got to 86% I started calling here name, heard her bark and was finally able to see her through the heavy brush. Pretty had become stuck fast on a mud flat with her entire underside in mud. She would never have been able to get out on her own. I pulled her to high ground and an hour later she was home.  Thank you Marco Polo. … Continue Reading

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You Have Questions About Marco Polo? Find The Answers In Our FAQ's

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Marco Polo is a self-contained 2-way radio system, like a walkie-talkie. When in Track mode, the handheld Marco Polo locator sends a signal to the “tag” you place on the item to be tracked, once every 5 seconds. Each time the tag on the pet “hears” the signal from the locator, it responds with a return signal. The locator then measures the strength of the signal coming back from the tag and finds the direction it came from. Both pieces of information are then displayed on the locator’s screen. Then, you simply follow the arrow pointing to the tag and note the signal strength getting higher as you get closer. If you are not careful - you will step on the tag!
No. Because Marco Polo uses only its own radio signals, it does not need cell service, a clear view of the sky for GPS reception, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other external service or device to operate. It will work, literally, anywhere on earth.
Are There Any Monthly Fees or Other Costs? No. There are no service fees or SIM card costs and no batteries to replace (Marco Polo uses long-life rechargeable batteries). The purchase price is all you pay – ever. Over time, Marco Polo is the most economical tracking and monitoring solution available.
Other products rely on GPS receivers and Cellular radios, both power hungry technologies. Using patented technology, Marco Polo tags can run for as long as six weeks on a charge, depending on the operating mode. Most importantly, Marco Polo gives you up to 2 weeks to find a lost tag, compared to a GPS/Cellular based products that generally only run for 24 hours when the device is away from home.
As with any 2-way radio system, Marco Polo has limited range. In excellent conditions the range can be up to 2-miles but in suburban neighborhoods, rough terrain or forests, the range can be considerably less. If the tag is out of range of the locator when you begin searching, you can walk or drive around the area to expand the search. Marco Polo then acts like a personal radar, searching every inch of the surrounding area as you move, including the insides of buildings and backyards.
While Marco Polo does not show the tag’s position on a map, it does guide you to the exact position of the tag through its homing display. Whether the tag is attached to a cat that is hiding in the bushes or a Drone that is lost in a corn field, the Marco Polo locator will allow you to proceed to the exact spot the tag is hidden.
Yes, every Marco Polo locator can be “paired” to a maximum of 3 tracking tags. These tags can be a mixture of any of the available types for dogs, cats, RC aircraft, drones, model rockets and more. In addition there are a range of Accessories for Pet Systems and Drone Systems  and replacement parts available for your Marco Polo product. If you have a special application please Contact Us.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return it within 30 days for a full refund of the price paid plus the original shipping charges. All we ask is you give us an opportunity to discuss whatever issues you are having and see if we can resolve them. Then, if you wish to return the product, it must be complete and in good condition to receive the full refund amount. Please read our complete Terms and Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty for more details.

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