How Does the Monitoring Mode Differ From the Tracking Mode?

In track mode, the handheld locator communicates with the tag every 5 seconds and updates the displayed signal strength and direction on the locator’s display, allowing you to home-in on the exact location of your pet.

In monitor mode, the locator is kept in a convenient location, such as your kitchen counter, plugged into its charger, and it “pings” the tag on each of your pets once every 40 seconds. In this mode the locator will warn you if any pet it outside of its programed “safe zone” so you can enter track mode and recover the pet. In monitor mode, the locator will also warn you if the battery is low on any of the pets so you don’t need to worry about them. In fact, if the alarm is not going off on the locator you know for certain that all of your pets are accounted for, all the batteries are charged and everything is working as it should. (Compare this to other systems where everything has to go right for you to know something is wrong!)

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