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Every Pet’s Best Friend –

Pets get wanderlust too; but sometimes too much wandering can lead to a lost pet. Marco Polo Pet Monitoring ensures the most reliable way of getting your pet safely back to youUnlike many pet monitoring devices, Marco Polo promises long-range tracking without the use of GPS, cellular service or WiFi! This ensures a more specific location tracking, especially in areas with no cell towers. Pet owners can have peace of ... Read More Here

Comparing Pet Tracking Collars –

Few worse feelings exist than that hollow jolt of fear when you realize your dog is nowhere to be found. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about 15 percent of pet owners lost a dog or cat in the past five years. Of the 93 percent of lost dogs that were found, only 6 percent were found at shelters. About 15 percent were found because of identification tags or microchips, and 49 percent were found by searching the neighborhood. New technologies are helping more owners with that search by leading them directly to their lost pet. Locator collars used to be expensive and were used only by hunters, but now a variety of locator collars are aimed at pet owners. They can be divided into radio and GPS types, each with their own advantages.


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Dog Tracking Tech 101 –

Marco Polo scores #1 in this review from Here's what they have to say: "Marco Polo is the only long-range RF pet monitoring and tracking system designed for daily use on both cats and dogs. Because it is self-contained, it will operate anywhere on earth without need for external services (no cellular, internet or GPS required). It also has a very long battery life, only requiring monthly charging when the pet is close to home most of the time and once every 2 weeks when continuously away from home. It is the ideal solution for people who live in rural areas or travel with their pets."


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Using Marco Polo for Cats –

I’m going to be honest with you here. I tried to put their claim of 3.2km search range to the test and I gave up. The distance you can cover with this system is phenomenal. There are literally no other products on the market that compare to it that are suitable for cats.


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