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Never Fly Without Marco Polo

for nLite 1 – OpenPilot Forum

It sure is nice flying with confidence now with the trackers … fire it up 3 red flashes it’s fully charged and ready to fly, thanks again … I will NEVER EVER fly without Marco Polo again, just not worth it. … Continue Reading

Lost Twice in Dense Forest

for Scott – Colorado Springs, CO

Twice I’ve lost my Phantom Vision+ in dense forest and successfully tracked it for about a mile using Marco Polo. I was shocked that it worked as well as it did and that such a tiny device could emit a strong enough signal to be found in that rough terrain. Feel free to quote me on this if you like. I’m currently using the tracker on my DJI S900 and Inspire 1. … Continue Reading

Flyaway Ends Up in Brambles

for Andy J-L

A colleague and I were out flying our fixed wing test-bed aircraft today and we had a fly-away. We saw the aircraft out about three quarters of a mile from us – it spiraled downwards and we saw it disappear into a tangle of brambles, long grass, underbrush, and trees. Fortunately, we had a fully charged Marco Polo tag on the aircraft. The receiver picked up the tag's signal from about half-a-mile away. We would have searched for *hours* trying to find it. The aircraft was not visible until we were within ten feet of it. And yes, now each of our aircraft have Marco Polo tags. … Continue Reading

Saved My Drone on its Third Flight!

for Guenter O. – Germany

I should have written to you much earlier to thank you for your great product. Would you believe it? Your tracker was able to save my drone on it's third flight, already! … Continue Reading

Image of Drone in Field
Unfortunate Encounter With A Tree

for Watsojw - Phantom Pilots Forum

So the bad news is that my P4P Obsidian had an unfortunate encounter with a significantly taller than average tree while running a Litchi waypoint mission. After losing contact during the flight and then waiting for the anticipated flight time in hopes that it would show up, it became painfully obvious that it was not coming home. I live in rugged mountain country, and we have lots of areas where there is very spotty or no cellular coverage, so a lot of the more economical tracking medallions just can't be counted on to work. But, the good news is, last year I did my homework and got the Marco Polo system which uses radio frequency vs cellular or gps. Long story short, it worked like a champ. … Continue Reading