Located My Cat Quickly – Mission Accomplished!

Image of Cat

Located My Cat Quickly – Mission Accomplished!

Just thought I’d give you some feedback about using the Marco Polo tag with cat collars.

First of all, everything works great. I located my cat very quickly and solved the problem of a neighbor feeding her and luring her away from my house. So mission accomplished!

The best type of collar seems to be the ½” size for sure. I did find several ½” collars available with the breakaway clasp. However, the collars I tried with breakaway clasps give way too easily with the added weight of the tracking tag. My cat lost her collar and tag twice in one week whereas she has never lost a collar before. So, in the end I opted for a ½” leather collar with a regular buckle. It has an elastic section so the collar will stretch and the cat can get out of it if she is truly stuck – but it doesn’t break away. This solution is working well with the tag.

Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone else asks you. Thanks for a great product!