What Is the Battery Life?

The longest battery life on the pet’s collar tag is provided in the monitor mode. In this mode the tag’s battery will run up to 6 weeks and the locator will warn you to charge it after 4-5 weeks. If you are continuously tracking your pet (usually only done when they are lost) the tag and locator will run for up to 3 days on a charge. If the locator is not tracking or monitoring the pet’s tag, or if the pet is out of range of the system, then the collar tag can run for up to 15 days on a charge. This explanation may seem counterintuitive, but it is indeed the way the system works.

For example, if you are monitoring your pet(s) to make certain they stay within the specified safety zone and it has been 3 weeks since you last charged the battery, then the battery is half discharged. If the pet then escapes, the collar tag will run for an additional week on the remaining charge.

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