What Is the Battery Life?

The longest battery life on the pet’s collar tag is provided in the monitor mode. In this mode the tag’s battery will run up to 6 weeks and the locator will warn you to charge it after 4-5 weeks. If you are continuously tracking your pet (usually only done when they are lost) the tag … Read More Here

How Does the Marco Polo Tag Attach to My Pet’s Collar?

The Marco Polo tag slips into a ballistic-nylon cloth holder that attaches to your pet’s collar or harness with 4 Velcro straps. The Velcro used is a military grade material that holds with 100 lbs. strength per strap, yet has a soft nylon backing that is comfortable for your pet. When mounted in the collar … Read More Here

Is My Pet Tracking Tag Waterproof?

Good news, it is! The Marco Polo Advanced Pet tracking tag meets the IP67 enclosure specification. This means it can be continuously submerged under 3 ft. of water up to 30 minutes. If your pet is swimming, the tag will generally be only a few inches of water and can withstand all day use at … Read More Here

Will Marco Polo Interfere With My Drone System Radios?

The possibility of Marco Polo interfering with drone system communications is very small. The tag transceiver in your drone never transmits unless activated by the hand held locator when the “tracking mode” is enabled by you. So, during flight there is no possibility of the transceiver interfering with or desensitizing your on-board radios. Once tracking … Read More Here

How Does the Monitoring Mode Differ From the Tracking Mode?

In track mode, the handheld locator communicates with the tag every 5 seconds and updates the displayed signal strength and direction on the locator’s display, allowing you to home-in on the exact location of your pet. In monitor mode, the locator is kept in a convenient location, such as your kitchen counter, plugged into its … Read More Here

Why Do You Call It “Marco Polo”?

The product is named after the swimming pool game where the player that is “it” closes their eyes and yells “Marco”, all of the other players are obligated to yell “Polo” in response. The player that is “it” follows the sound to tag another player who then becomes “it”. Imagine that you could call your … Read More Here

Is My Drone Tracking Tag Waterproof?

More good news, you have a choice! If your application does not require a waterproof Tag Transceiver, then the Ultralight Model is for you. We remove the polycarbonate shell to save weight, however you lose the waterproof feature. If saving weight is mandatory, but you also need it to be waterproof, you can seal the … Read More Here

Will the Marco Polo Tag Fit My Pet?

The Marco Polo tag only weights 0.8 oz., so it is light enough for most any pet to carry. It does require a minimum collar length of about 7 inches, if you have a very small cat or dog then measuring the length of their collar is your best guide. The cloth holder that we … Read More Here

How Does the Marco Polo System Track My Pet?

When in Track mode, the handheld Marco Polo locator sends a signal to the tag on your pet’s collar once every 5 seconds. Each time the tag on the pet “hears” the signal from the locator, it responds with a return signal. The locator then measures the strength of the signal coming back from the … Read More Here

How Long Will the Battery Charge Last?

The Marco Polo tag’s integrated LiPo battery will last approximately 15 days in standby mode waiting for a signal from the locator to activate it, or up to 3-days in continuous tracking mode.