What is Marco Polo’s Range?

Marco Polo works up to 2 miles (3.2 km) in line-of-sight situations. Expect approximately 1/2 mile to 1 mile (.8 to 1.6 km) in mildly rolling terrain with moderate vegetation. Your individual performance will depend on the specific conditions in the area of use, such as terrain, vegetation, and obstructions. If your pet is beyond … Read More Here

How Does The Marco Polo Tracking System Work?

The Marco Polo tracking system operates like a “personal radar”. First, the handheld locator transmits a signal to the tag transceiver in your drone. Then, the transceiver sends a signal back that allows the locator to determine the bearing from your position to the lost drone. Finally, the locator processes the bearing and the received … Read More Here

How Much Does the Marco Polo Drone Tag Weigh?

Well here’s the good news – you have a choice! The Marco Polo Transceiver Tags come in two models. If weight is your major concern, then the Ultralight Model is for you. Ultralight tags weigh in at .42 oz (12g) and are very compact. If your application requires a rugged, waterproof design, then the Advanced … Read More Here