Using Marco Polo for Cats –

I’m going to be honest with you here. I tried to put their claim of 3.2km search range to the test and I gave up. The distance you can cover with this system is phenomenal. There are literally no other products on the market that compare to it that are suitable for cats. Whilst Willow was wearing the collar asleep by my campervan I walked North over sand dunes and monitored the signal strength.

It seems to cope well with foliage and bushes although I did get a ‘no signal’ about 1 kilometre away down behind a bigger dune when I had the devices pointed away from the campervan. I headed for higher ground. The midday sun was burning and having climbed another dune and seeing the signal bounce back up to 50% I have no doubt that in good conditions the search radius of 3.2km could be achieved. How would it handle suburbia surrounded with buildings? I imagine the distance and accuracy of the directional arrow would be reduced somewhat.

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