Dog Tracking Tech 101 –

Marco Polo is the only long-range RF pet monitoring and tracking system designed for daily use on both cats and dogs. Because it is self-contained, it will operate anywhere on earth without need for external services (no cellular, internet or GPS required). It also has a very long battery life, only requiring monthly charging when the pet is close to home most of the time and once every 2 weeks when continuously away from home. It is the ideal solution for people who live in rural areas or travel with their pets.

Since Marco Polo is a radio direction finder, it does not show the position of your pet on a map. Instead it shows a directional arrow that points the way from where you are to where your pet is. For continuous monitoring the safe zone can be adjusted over a wide range and the locator is always the center of the safe zone so it can follow you as you travel with your pet. Up to 6 pets can be monitored or tracked from a single handheld locator.

Here are some specifications and highlights about the Marco Polo dog tracking system:

  • Does not require cellular or GPS coverage — works anywhere
  • Recommended for pets 5 lbs. and larger, tag weighs 0.8 oz., ok for cats, tracking tag slips into a ballistic-nylon cloth holder that attaches to any collar that is 7 inches or more in length
  • Range is up to 2 miles in excellent conditions, less in rough terrain, heavy forest or suburban areas, if the dog is out of range you can walk or drive around to cover larger areas
  • Has 4 programmable safe zone areas that range from a 100 foot radius up to about 1000 feet.
  • Battery life is up to 6 weeks when the dog is within range of the locator and 2 weeks when away from home
  • IP67 waterproof rating (submersible)

The 3-year cost of ownership for 2 dogs amounts to $335. Hardware cost: $235 for the first dog, $335 total for 2 dogs ($100 additional per dog).

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