How Does Marco Polo Compare to the RoamEO Pet Monitor System?

The RoamEO Pet Monitor System is a point-to-point GPS system. This means there is a GPS receiver on the dog and a GPS receiver in the handheld device that the dog owner carries. There is also a radio link between the dog’s collar and the handheld device so that the GPS coordinates of the dog can be sent back to the handheld device. In this way the handheld device can compare the dog’s coordinates with the searcher’s coordinates and display a distance and direction to the dog. The Marco Polo tracker has two significant advantages over the RoamEO system. These are:

  1. The GPS receiver in the RoamEo Pet Monitor consumes a great deal of power and the battery life is about one day. This makes it impossible to use the system for continuous monitoring. It also makes it less convenient for the pet owner who must constantly exchange and recharge the batteries in the collar. And, of course, if the dog was lost for an extended  period of time, perhaps only a few hours if it was near the end of the day, the collar may stop responding when needed most.
  2. The RoamEo Pet Monitor uses a custom collar with the electronics permanently attached. The weight of the RoamEo collar is about 3 times that of the Marco Polo collar tag. This makes the RoamEo system less suitable for smaller dogs. The Marco Polo can be clipped onto the collar your pet already wears and works with harnesses as well.
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