Cinnimon Spices Up Life

In many cases the Marco Polo Advanced Tag is small and light enough to work with cats.

Cinnimon Spices Up Life

My nearly blind 17 year old cat who has always loved to go outside (but return within a few hours) was lost for nearly 5 days in our neighborhood. I tried everything to try to find him. I was frantic and so sad that I hadn’t invested in a tracking system before that happened. Fortunately he returned, and I immediately invested in the Marco Polo system.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through so I’m writing this to urge anyone that is contemplating buying this to do it now! I did a lot of research on different products and I found the Marco Polo system has benefits that most people don’t even realize will be helpful until you use it. I’ve been using it for a little over a year now and it’s been so reliable. I love the long (rechargeable) battery life and the way it shows exactly how much battery is left so there is no doubt when I let Cinnamon out that I know I can either Monitor or Track him for many hours or even days if need be. It is able to search even through heavy woods, or brick houses. It allows you to easily set different zones which is great for me because when I’m at our cabin, I need to set a different closer zone in which he should stay within and it’s also easy to switch back and forth. The way it tracks also is very reliable unlike satellite which sometimes doesn’t update for 20+ minutes. I also like the fact that it doesn’t run off cell phone signals as that is also unreliable in areas like where I live. Monitor and Track are two different things on this system and both are great to have for different reasons.

Save yourself the aggravation of a lost pet! I was one who thought my pet would never get lost and he had always found his way home after all those years – but there comes a time in a pets life – due to the pet aging or just a bad situation where they can’t always get back to you. I’m sure it was a very traumatic time for him and me! He rarely wants to go out anymore after that experience but I feel confident when he does go outside that we’re covered.

Joni K. – Stillwater, MN