Saved My Drone on its Third Flight!

Saved My Drone on its Third Flight!

I should have written to you much earlier to thank you for your great product. When I was in Anchorage and had received your parcel, I mounted the Marco Polo tracker onto a crossbar which is an optional extra for the Phantom 3 to protect the camera from rocks in rough landing areas. Then, of course, I was eager to give my new toy a whirl. I did that at a very rural area in the middle of nowhere, at a lake about a hundred miles out of Anchorage. Absolutely no GSM-reception in that area. So any other tracking device wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Would you believe it? Your tracker was able to save my drone on it’s third flight, already!

Inexperienced, as I was, at that time, I must have taken off before my Phantom had enough satellites to lock on. At some feet in the air it started a maneuver which they call “toilet seat circles” here in Germany. Small circles which I couldn’t compensate or control with my remote control. Meanwhile I learned, that my correct reaction should have been to switch the Phantom out of the GPS- into the “attitude” mode. Instead I lifted my copter quickly to a presumed “safe” altitude which turned out to be a bad idea. There I completely lost my control, when the copter started to fly backwards, away from me. Not even the “return to home” (RTH) button worked any more. Fortunately it flew into rising terrain with very dense vegetation, where, after dropping through branches and leaves, it ended up on soft duff – but well hidden from view. Thanks to your device, I was able to recover it.

Guenter O. – Germany

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