Ultralight Transceiver Accessory for Drones


The Marco Polo Ultralight Tag Transceiver is specifically designed and packaged for RC Model tracking and recovery applications. Its compact size and light weight (.42 oz. – 12 grams) makes it perfect for attachment to all types aircraft, including powered planes, multi-rotor aircraft, sail planes and model rockets. The Marco Polo RC Model Recovery System will support up to three Tag Transceivers per hand-held locator. Purchase additional Tag Transceivers to attach to multiple models so you never forget to fly a model without Marco Polo protecting your investment.

  • Each tag transceiver has a factory-programmed unique address – just marry new tags to the hand-held locator, takes just seconds
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the tag transceiver gives you up to 15 days to find your lost model
  • Super small, compact tag transceiver easily fits on even small RC models, weighs only .42 oz. (12 grams)
  • Does not interfere with RC radios – transceiver tags only transmits when you activate search mode from the handheld locator
  • Great solution for recovering model rockets as well
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