Advanced Transceiver Mounting Kit for Drones (1 Pack)


The Marco Polo Advanced Transceiver mounting kit provides all the parts needed to easily attach one Advanced RC Transceiver to your RC aircraft in a variety of configurations suited to your specific aircraft’s requirements. Made from rugged polycarbonate, it allows for simple, fast snap-on and snap-off mounting of the Transceiver without needing any special tools, and yet provides the ultimate in crash survivability for your Marco Polo Advanced RC Transceiver. It is the perfect solution to attach a Marco Polo Transceiver to all types of RC aircraft, including powered planes, multi-rotor aircraft, sail planes and model rockets.
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Here’s what’s included with your purchase of a Marco Polo Advanced Transceiver Mounting Kit:

  • Mounting holder
  • Strut adapter
  • Three zip-ties
  • Four M2.6×6 screws
  • Adhesive backed velcro strip
  • Double-sided adhesive strip

NOTE: Advanced RC Transceiver(s) as shown in photos are not included and must be purchased separately or purchased as part of an Advanced RC Aircraft Recovery System.

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