Marco Polo Phone Dialer


The Marco Polo Phone Dialer enables you to receive 24/7 telephone notifications if your pet wanders outside of its programmed safety zone. Simply connect your Marco Polo handheld locator’s alarm output jack to the dialer’s alarm input jack, attach the dialer to your phone jack and program the notification phone number(s) to receive alerts via a phone call.
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YES… But, you can connect the dialer to either a traditional land-line phone circuit or you can get connect to a Voice Over IP (VoIP) internet connection device. Voice Over IP (“VoIP”) is technology which allows a portion of your internet connection bandwidth to be used to supply a the equivalent to a traditional land line phone connection. You can get VoIP devices and services from many VoIP providers such as Magic Jack and Vonage. The Marco Polo Phone Dialer will work with any VoIP connection device. Eureka does not provide VoIP devices or connection services.

  • Connects to the alarm output of any Marco Polo locator. The locator can be programmed to activate the dialer on a pet-by-pet basis when they have been out of their selected boundary area for 3 consecutive checks (120 seconds maximum)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to three pets with four programmable “safety zone” areas for each pet. Any pet wandering from their safety area will trigger a phone alert
  • When an alert is triggered, the phone dialer will consecutively dial up to four 16-digit phone numbers and deliver a 12 second voice recording that you create
  • Each set of programmed phone numbers can be dialed either once or three times, depending on your needs
  • All phone numbers, settings and the voice recording are saved even if power is lost for any reason. Automatically returns to standby mode when the power is restored
  • Program it once, connect it and forget it
  • Requires a Locator System and at least one Marco Polo Collar Tag to operate. Marco Polo Locator and Collar Tags sold separately.
  • Works with all models of Marco Polo Locator systems
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Here’s what’s included in your purchase of a Marco Polo Phone Dialer:

  • Phone Dialer Unit (includes phone and system connection cables and plug-in wall power adapter)
  • Phone line “Y” connector to allow sharing with your home phone line
  • Wall mounting screws and anchors
  • User reference manual

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