Pet Tips

Getting the Most From Your Marco Polo Pet System

How To Prevent Losing Your Pet & How to Recover Them If You Do

According to the National Dog Registry, there are approximately two million dogs that go missing each year in America - and less than 60,000 are ever recovered. Losing a pet can be extremely stressful, and sadly, without taking the appropriate steps, there is no guarantee that you will find them. That is why it is essential to do all you can to prevent losing them, and to know exactly what actions ... Read More Here

How Far Will Marco Polo Work?

A frequent question, along with many others, which we address in our Pet FAQ's. However, sometimes a customer's photo and testimonial helps provide a better visual reference of the sort of range you might expect in a specific terrain. Brian L. from Eastern Oregon says it a lot better than we can: Also note the advantage Brian L. got by seeking higher ground when trying to search a large area ... Read More Here

Marco Polo Tracking Tag Comparisons

We get a lot of questions about the compatibility of the various Marco Polo tracking tags and handheld locators we've produced over the years. Here's a few examples of the questions we get: "I have an older tag and handheld locator I bought several years ago. If I buy one of the new tags for my system will they work together?" "I recently bought a tag for my drone. Now ... Read More Here

Extend The Battery Charge On Your Pet’s Tracking Tag

Did you know that using the Monitor mode on the Marco Polo handheld locator can make the battery charge on your pet’s collar tag last up to 3 times longer? Seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? Well that's an "under the hood" design feature of the Marco Polo system done by our really clever engineers. It's a pretty handy feature, but unfortunately most customers don't even know about. We're thinking once you've ... Read More Here