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When I first bought my drone, I started looking into different drone tracking systems that could accurately pinpoint and track my new drone. This all led me on a journey that has really taught me a lot about drone tracking technology and the devices associated with it. When it comes to drone tracking, the Marco Polo drone tracker is only one of many different types of devices that can be utilized to track your drone.


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Image of Matt from UAV America

UAV America Picks Marco Polo Tracker

Matt from UAV America talks about choosing Marco Polo to protect their investment in their drones. “A few weeks ago we were on a mapping mission…I programmed the mission wrong and flew right into a tree. We searched and never found it, but that got us thinking … we searched for solutions and found Marco Polo.”


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Image of Drone in Grass

Beside The Road

A crash landing in heavy brush has a good ending. Mark M says “There it is, almost stepped on it. No way I would have found it without Marco Polo. It just paid for itself … boom!”


Click on the image to watch the video. ***WARNING**** turn down your audio first, it’s loud!”

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