Tim Crabtree - Eureka Technology Partners, LLC Founder and Inventor of MarcoPoloA few years ago our founder, Tim Crabtree, had an idea for a product that could monitor and locate objects using a low-cost, simple-to-use electronic device that would operate anywhere, for months at a time, without frequent battery charges. This simple product concept led to the formation of Eureka Technology Partners, LLC and what would later become the MarcoPolo System.

As we researched the market for our product concept, we realized there was a significant un-met need for such a product to monitor, locate and track pets. Further refinement of the product concept led to the understanding that our product would best meet our market’s needs by not relying on cell phone networks or GPS satellite technology.

It is one thing to have a product concept, quite another to develop a working system. We assembled a team of brilliant engineers with world-class experience and knowledge of wireless communications techniques. The MarcoPolo System was the result of several years’ of our team’s hard work and the development of some breakthrough technology. Along the way we filed for and received several U.S. and international patents for many of our design achievements.

The MarcoPolo System we offer today is true to the founding concepts Tim envisioned for this product years ago – it is low cost, simple-to-use, operates anywhere for months without recharging, and operates completely stand-alone – no cell phone network or GPS required.