Featured Success Stories

Featured Success Stories - When your pet goes missing, Marco Polo brings 'em home. Marco Polo users share their success stories.

Featured Success Stories

There’s no place like home. And when it comes to keeping your pet safe, Marco Polo is the easiest and most cost-effective pet tracking system available. Read what other Marco Polo users have to say in the following featured success stories.

Cinnamon Spices Up Life


My nearly blind 17 year old cat who has always loved to go outside (but return within a few hours) was lost for nearly 5 days in our neighborhood. I tried everything to try to find him. I was frantic and so sad that I hadn’t invested in a tracking system before that happened. Fortunately he returned, and I immediately invested in the Marco Polo system.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through so I’m writing this to urge anyone that is contemplating buying this to do it now! I did a lot of research on different products and I found the Marco Polo system has benefits that most people don’t even realize will be helpful until you use it. I’ve been using it for a little over a year now and it’s been so reliable. I love the long (rechargeable) battery life and the way it shows exactly how much battery is left so there is no doubt when I let Cinnamon out that I know I can either Monitor or Track him for many hours or even days if need be. It is able to search even through heavy woods, or brick houses. It allows you to easily set different zones which is great for me because when I’m at our cabin, I need to set a different closer zone in which he should stay within and it’s also easy to switch back and forth. The way it tracks also is very reliable unlike satellite which sometimes doesn’t update for 20+ minutes. I also like the fact that it doesn’t run off cell phone signals as that is also unreliable in areas like where I live. Monitor and Track are two different things on this system and both are great to have for different reasons.

Save yourself the aggravation of a lost pet! I was one who thought my pet would never get lost and he had always found his way home after all those years – but there comes a time in a pets life – due to the pet aging or just a bad situation where they can’t always get back to you. I’m sure it was a very traumatic time for him and me! He rarely wants to go out anymore after that experience but I feel confident when he does go outside that we’re covered.

– Joni K., Stillwater, MN

Trooper’s T-Storm Adventure

Marco Polo works on larger cats, too. Trooper was found hiding under a neighbor's shed during a thunder storm.

Trooper, our eight year old tabby cat, is wild as a bug — he is outdoors every chance he gets, chasing squirrels up trees and napping in the sunshine. This past August, he didn’t come home for dinner and went missing for nearly two and a half weeks. After sending notices to all our neighbors and every vet hospital and shelter in the tri-county region to no avail, we feared the worst — until one evening my husband opened the door to go outside, and Trooper walked right in! He had lost half his body weight, and his nails were worn to a nub — we surmise he wandered into a neighbor’s shed for a nap and was locked inside all that time. Our vet didn’t have high hopes for our bony little guy’s recovery, but we dosed him up with love, antibiotics, fluids, and Revolution (hundreds of deer ticks fell off him immediately), and within less than two months, our old guy was back!

That’s where the Marco Polo comes in — we will never let this happen again! I did quite a bit of market research to find the best device for us. Although it took a while to get Trooper back up to the minimum 10 pounds for the Marco Polo device (he was normally 12 pounds), we patiently waited. Surprisingly, Trooper was waiting by the door to go outside within two weeks of his return! We’ve trained him to know that in order to go outside, his “Trooper Tracker” collar goes on first.

One recent late afternoon, the sky was darkening with an oncoming storm just as the Marco Polo alarm sounded. Within less than 10 minutes, I tracked Trooper down through the woods separating our neighbor’s houses (about a quarter mile away) — he was huddled underneath a shed. The peace of mind the Marco Polo offers is priceless — it is exactly the easy-to-use and reliable device for which I was looking to help keep our buddy safe.

– Michele M., Huntingtown, MD

Marco Polo Saves Pretty’s Life

Pretty Rescued in Lake Harding, AL

I just wanted to tell you about a rescue of my dog, Pretty. We live in hilly terrain surrounding a lake. Recently, the lake was partially drained, which created large mud flats. Pretty had chased a deer and become lost. Because of a hill and heavy brush, my searches on three previous days going down a road about a half mile from her position had given me no signal.

On the fourth day of searching I took the Marco Polo unit with me on my motorcycle and went riding along the perimeter of the lake. However, the terrain eventually became too rough for the motorcycle so I continued on foot. Because I was now on the other side of the hill, I eventually picked up a faint signal and followed it. The direction arrow got me closer and closer. I started calling for her and I could hear her whining but still couldn’t see her. I continued following the arrow, and when the signal got to 86% I was finally able to see her through the heavy brush, about 300 to 400 yards away.

I was relieved to find her, but I could see that Pretty had become trapped out on the mud flat and getting her out was going to be a huge problem. She was stuck fast and her entire underside was covered with mud. I set out across the mud flat and immediately sank up to my thigh, losing my right shoe. The left shoe soon followed, and I had to crawl across the mud flat in order to get to her. I pulled her to high ground and we spent the next half hour working around the swampy edge to get back to my motorcycle. She would never have been able to get out on her own.

An hour later she was home, bathed, fed, her paws and cuts treated, and on a course of antibiotics. She slept for the better part of a day. It took her almost a week to recover her old spring.

With the lake down many feet like it was, Pretty was able to get herself into a place that I never would have looked. I can’t stress enough how I would not have been able to find her without your invention. It is the only system that would have worked. One reason we bought Marco Polo was the long battery life. Another reason was that it does not rely on cellular service, which is very spotty in our area. Other technologies wouldn’t have worked, or would have drained the batteries after three days and she was gone four. I don’t want to think about how things might have turned out had she not had the Marco Polo collar on. Thank you Marco Polo.

– Debra W., Lake Harding, AL

Like a Shiny New Penny

Shiny as a Penny Boston Terrier

If you know Terriers, you know that many of the various breeds are “ratters” and varmint hunters. Boston Terriers are no exception. They are feisty, gregarious, loving and gentle. But when they latch onto the scent of a varmint, they’re off like a rocket. When Susan from Southern California Boston Brigade Rescue contacted us, she had one specific dog in mind, Skippy. It seems this Boston had been adopted by a new owner, and he had a reputation as a bolter. So Susan hooked us up with Skippy’s owner who got a MarcoPolo. Now Skippy is safely monitored 24/7 and if he bolts, he can be found quickly before he gets into a dangerous situation.

Susan was so impressed, she got a MarcoPolo for her own Boston, Penny. “With so many Boston Terrier rescues in our care, we usually have at least one we are concerned about bolting. Marco Polo gives us peace of mind knowing the animals in our care won’t become another stray. Anyone who has a dog that is a bolter like Penny truly cannot undertand the assurance you feel with MarcoPolo in place. When I hear that alarm go off and I know she is with my husband on a walk I smile. If I hear it go off and I don’t know where she is in the house I panic and immediatly know to grab the locator unit and look for her. It gives us such a sense of relief knowing MarcoPolo is there, especially with kids going in and out of the doors all the time. Recently, I found a cat on our walk that had been killed by coyotes. I don’t want my Penny being coyote food!”

– Susan M., Encinitas, CA

Bella Chases Ducks

Bella Loves Water

Bella is a two year old Black Labrador, and like all Labs she loves the water (yes, that is ice she is standing on). Unfortunately, she’s still learning and will sometimes run off on her own after a duck in the river. On a hunt last fall (2011) Bella decided to run off to pursue a duck in the Platte River. Before I could stop her, she had disappeared down the river bank and headed downstream. Due to the thick trees along the bank, I was unable to see her. Luckily, she had a MarcoPolo tag on her collar. I pulled out the locator and was able to find her near a clump of trees diving under the water looking for the duck. She found the duck, and I found her. Oh, did I mention? It was -8 degrees and the MarcoPolo system worked flawlessly, cold weather, submersion in water and all!

– Sean W., Denver, CO

Katella The Runner

It was Easter Sunday and I had my dog Katella inside the house while the family was in the back yard having lunch. A relative left the back door open and she bolted. I just saw her take off but didn’t know in which direction. I grabbed my MarcoPolo, jumped on my scooter and headed out to look for her. The locator picked up the signal and told me what direction to head. I kept following it until I ended up in a housing tract ½ a mile from my house and saw Katella roaming in someone’s front yard. The MarcoPolo was invaluable in helping me find her quickly.

– George N., Yorba Linda, CA

Bailey The Bolter

Recently, my Golden Labrador Retriever, Bailey, ran off into the woods. I tried calling her, but she just looked back and kept running. I got my Marco Polo locator, jumped in the car and drove up the road. Within minutes the locator locked on her tag and pointed in her direction. I called her, and moments later Bailey came running out of the woods and jumped in the car. Thank you MarcoPolo.

– Donna R., Kennesaw, GA

Buck The Escape Artist

Buck is an 11 month old hound mix and escape artist. He can go over, under or through all of the fences around our property including an electric fence. Recently, the MarcoPolo alarm went off warning me that Buck was out of the “safe” area. It took a few minutes for me to go out to look for him. By then he was completely out of sight and I wasn’t even sure which direction he headed. I put the locator in track mode and started walking toward the road. Within 5 minutes the signal was picked up and pointed me west. Buck was found easily about ½ mile away in the woods behind my neighbor’s house. MarcoPolo let me know there was a problem and made it easy to find Buck.

– Linda F., Eustis, FL