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Keeping Your Pet Safe Has Never Been Easier

If you’re a pet owner, eventually you will experience the fear and anxiety of having your pet go missing. Let’s be honest, even taking the best precautions and care, sooner or later your pet will wander away. Now, suppose there was a simple-to-use, inexpensive system you could depend on to monitor your pet’s location. A system that could warn you when they’ve wandered away from their “safe zone”, and lead you to them quickly before they get in harm’s way. Would such a system give you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is safe? Well, that system is available now and it is already being used by pet owners from Florida to Oregon. It’s MarcoPolo and we’re the company that invented it.

Security For Your Pet – Peace of Mind For You
Everyone has experienced dropped cell phone calls. Fact is, cell service is unreliable, even in urban areas. In many rural or mountainous areas it is non-existent. Most other pet locating systems require a consistent cellular signal. MarcoPolo does not require cell service to work, it will work anywhere, 24/7.
When tracking your pet, MarcoPolo updates the distance and direction to your pet every few seconds. Your pet’s location is always shown relative to you, not to a mark on a map or streets and other landmarks which you may not be familiar with. GPS-based systems only give you a general location, updated every few minutes. Your pet may in fact be hundreds of feet from the location shown. MarcoPolo will locate your pet within inches.
A pet locating system can only protect your pet if the batteries are charged when needed most – when your pet has wandered away. And remember this – if you must constantly recharge your system, what is protecting your pet? MarcoPolo’s protection is “high availability” because our battery charge life is the longest of any system available. In typical monitoring use, collar tags will operate without recharging for up to 45 days. When tracking a lost pet, the handheld locator’s charge will last up to 3 days.
MarcoPolo does not have a monthly service fee and no cellular account is needed. The total cost of the MarcoPolo system is the purchase amount, period!
MarcoPolo is ready to start protecting your pet right out of the box. Or, customize it at any time for your specific requirements using a few simple button selections and easy to understand display prompts – even while traveling. No internet accounts or web-based setups are required.
Pick the zone which is just right for your needs. MarcoPolo’s smallest zone is much smaller than any GPS system allows, and is ideal for urban environments where yards can be small, or when hiking, camping or RV’ing with your pet. The largest zone will work in rural areas where your pet has more freedom to roam. Whatever size you choose, your pet is always under the watchful eye of MarcoPolo. Should your pet wander outside your selected zone, you will be notified quickly – in 80 seconds or less.
If your pet goes missing, push one button to start tracking and follow the onscreen arrow. MarcoPolo is simple enough for anyone in the family to use, even under the stressful circumstances of discovering your pet is missing. MarcoPolo is ready when you need it most.
Each MarcoPolo system is capable of monitoring up to three pets. The starter system comes with one tag. Up to two additional tags can be purchased, for a total of three pet collar tags per system. A wandering pet will trigger an alarm specific to their tag. Push the tracking button for that tag and you will immediately begin tracking that pet.
Each collar tag comes from the factory with a preset ID number. There are literally millions of ID numbers, so no two are ever alike. Your pet’s tag can never be confused with another tag, whether one of your other pets or a neighbor’s.
Collar tags measure approx. 1″ x 5″ x 0.5″ and weigh only 0.8 oz, suitable for most any size dog or cat. They are designed to take the abuse almost any pet can dish out. It attaches to your pet’s collar with a rugged, reliable ballistic nylon holder that is designed to stay attached, even on active pets running through rough terrain. Tags are fully waterproof and will withstand 3 ft. submersion for one hour (IP67) and will operate reliably in temperatures from -13°F up to 125°F.