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How Does Advanced System Differ from Classic?

The Classic collar tag is the tried-and-true product we have been selling for almost 4 years. It’s primary advantage is longer battery life, up to 90-days when the locator is continuously monitoring the tag.

The Advanced system is half the size and weight and also half the battery capacity, so it can be monitored for 45 days instead of 90-days. Or be in idle mode for 15 days instead of up to 30 days with the Classic. The Advanced tag is much more waterproof and is Ok for prolonged swimming whereas the classic is good for rain and snow and an occasional brief swim. The Advanced tag is also designed to be more durable for dogs that run through brush or play rough with other dogs.

If you have a small pet or a pet that swims the choice is obvious, you want the Advanced tag. If you have a medium sized dog that doesn’t swim or roughhouse with other dogs then the Classic tag is a fine choice.

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Will Advanced Tags Work With My Existing System?

Yes. Existing and new systems can operate with either or BOTH – Classic and Advanced Tags.
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How Does Advanced Tag Attach To a Collar?

The Advanced Tag uses an extremely rugged ballistic nylon holder to protect the tag. Secure attachment to your pet’s collar is done using velcro straps. But we don’t use just any garden-variety Velcro you can get at your local hardware store. Our Velcro is Type III, Class 4 Military Spec Velcro material (Mil Spec A-A-55126 Rev. B) and is far stronger and resistant to wear, water, fraying and debris pick up than the Velcro you may be familiar with. Our extensive field testing has shown that the Marco Polo Advanced Tag and holder is the most reliable and rugged system available anywhere and holds up well even on active dogs.
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Is The Advanced Tag Range The Same as the Classic?

Yes, they are both the same.
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Can The Advanced Tag Be Attached To A Harness or Wide Collar?

Yes, the collar holder will attach to a strap that is up to 2 inches wide and ¼” thick, or it will fit a round object up to 1.5 inches in diameter.
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Can My Dog Swim While Wearing an Advanced Tag?

Absolutely! We designed the Advanced Tag to be waterproof so that it meets IP67 specifications, meaning it can withstand submersion in 3 ft. of water for up to 30 minutes without problems.
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Is the Advanced Tag Safe for My Dog?

Yes, Marco Polo is very safe for your dog. The reason is that Marco Polo, unlike, for example a cell phone, emits a very small amount of RF energy. That is how our tiny 5-gram battery can power it for up to 6 weeks on a single charge.

When in idle mode the Marco Polo Tag only turns on its receiver once every 10 seconds and never transmits any RF energy at all. When in monitor mode, which is the typical case, it emits an average RF power of about 1 millionth of a watt. The average power output is so low in all modes of operation that it is automatically qualified for use, even on humans, without the SARS (Simulated Absorption Rate) safety testing that is required for cell phones and other RF devices. This testing is not required for animals and we suspect that the cellular/GPS based dog tracking providers have taken advantage of this loophole and ignored the safety issue altogether.

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Can I Purchase Additional Advanced Nylon Tag Holders?

Yes. They will be offered on our website very soon and will be priced at $14.95.
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What Is MarcoPolo?

MarcoPolo is an electronic monitoring and tracking system that promptly warns you of a wandering pet and allows you to track their location to quickly return them safely back home.
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Does MarcoPolo Use An Implantable Chip?

No. Marco Polo uses a radio system we designed and patented. It does not use implantable chips. Implantable chips can only be read with special readers that vets and shelters have, and can only read the chip from a few inches away. They only help if the pet is found and turned in. In 4 out of 5 cases lost pets are never recovered because they either are stuck by a car, poisoned, killed by other pets or wild animals or taken in by people that do not report them missing. Chips don’t help in any of these cases.
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