Bella Chases Ducks

Bella Loves Water

Bella is a two year old Black Labrador, and like all Labs she loves the water (yes, that is ice she is standing on). Unfortunately, she’s still learning and will sometimes run off on her own after a duck in the river. On a hunt last fall (2011) Bella decided to run off to pursue a duck in the Platte River. Before I could stop her, she had disappeared down the river bank and headed downstream. Due to the thick trees along the bank, I was unable to see her. Luckily, she had a MarcoPolo tag on her collar. I pulled out the locator and was able to find her near a clump of trees diving under the water looking for the duck. She found the duck, and I found her. Oh, did I mention? It was -8 degrees and the MarcoPolo system worked flawlessly, cold weather, submersion in water and all!

– Sean W., Denver, CO