Is the Advanced Tag Safe for My Dog?

Yes, Marco Polo is very safe for your dog. The reason is that Marco Polo, unlike, for example a cell phone, emits a very small amount of RF energy. That is how our tiny 5-gram battery can power it for up to 6 weeks on a single charge.

When in idle mode the Marco Polo Tag only turns on its receiver once every 10 seconds and never transmits any RF energy at all. When in monitor mode, which is the typical case, it emits an average RF power of about 1 millionth of a watt. The average power output is so low in all modes of operation that it is automatically qualified for use, even on humans, without the SARS (Simulated Absorption Rate) safety testing that is required for cell phones and other RF devices. This testing is not required for animals and we suspect that the cellular/GPS based dog tracking providers have taken advantage of this loophole and ignored the safety issue altogether.

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